The Leaders’ Coach

“There is hardly an enterprise of any size today that is not challenged by rapid change in the dynamics of its business.”  Bobbie Goheen

The self-sufficient, ‘top dog’, ‘I can handle it’ CEO is giving way to the ‘What do you think?’ leader who gathers in all the necessary skills to create and undertake a shared vision. Whether its technology, human relations, finance, communications, manufacturing, marketing or distribution, there are too many changes at work or on the horizon for any one person to have all the answers.

Bobbie Goheen, The Leaders’ Coach,  is expert in focusing top-management dynamics on a shared vision, specific goals and creative collaborations to achieve them. She has done this for Fortune 100 corporations, clients large and small and across a range of enterprises here and abroad. Her Rochester-based Synthesis Management Group, which now includes her Fusion Leadership Program, began in Rochester in 2000 growing since then to serve clients across the U.S., Europe and Asia. Ms. Goheen is Chair of the Rochester and Buffalo, New York Chapters of the Women Presidents’ Organization, Executive Coach for the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester and is a member of the Rochester Business Alliance.


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Peak Performance Coaching

“I have been trained by the best and I have coached the best.”
Bobbie Goheen

Peak Performance Coaching is Critical to Today’s Leader

In today’s dynamic world, leaders are moving in a fast, complex, and competitive terrain which requires clear focus and line of sight to achieve the goals. Days are fast paced and packed with key meetings and conversations to move people, teams, vendors, suppliers, investors, etc., forward to meet the demands and expectations of customers.

This “just in time” world within which we live creates a high focus on the daily tactics, problem solving, integrated decision making and strategy alignment to achieve critical goals. It creates inconsistent development of key leaders and peak performers. While leaders understand the importance of development and mentoring, they have little available time to do it. If it is done, it is more focused on the immediate problem vs building for the future.

Executive Coaching for Top Tier Leaders

To meet the current and future growth needs of any company or organization “key leaders” need to be agile and adaptive. They need development to be able to adapt their style to work with and work through others to accomplish important goals, navigate through uncertainty and step up to opportunity.

Many companies invest in training and/or outside development with outside firms and universities. These are excellent steps in the growth of any team. That said, there is a gap and this is the need for taking the knowledge learned and transforming it into true skills.

Just like great athletes become great by continuous practice so too do great leaders. Vince Lombardi had it right when he said, “Leaders aren’t born, they are made.” They are made through education, knowledge, personal values, experience and having a service orientation; through challenge and application. This is the space I play, in the field of application, feedback and growth.

I am an executive peak performance coach. The background, experience, and knowledge I bring enable me to adapt and align with the needs of my clients. I have worked in entrepreneurial, fast growth companies as well as led a great team for a Fortune 100. I have been trained by the best and I have coached the best. I have worked in a wide breadth of industries and countries, bringing the best of what I have to support my clients to be the best at what they do.

If you, or one of your key team players, wants to make sure they are playing in the place of most potential, then we are a fit. I invite you to contact me.

Speaker / Instructor

Bobbie Goheen leading EMBA program at Simon School of Business
Bobbie Goheen running Leadership Development session for EMBA program at Simon School of Business, September 2016

Bobbie hosts workshops, coaches and facilitates CEO roundtables.  She is involved with the Executive Leadership Development aspect of the EMBA program at Rochester Institute of Technology, has lectured on women in business for the University of Rochester and led leadership development programs for Cornell University.


mac anderson executive coaching client bobbie goheen

Uncanny ability to highlight strengths & opportunities

Mac Anderson

Director of Sales & Marketing, Co-Owner at Cleveland Kraut

chris knight

Bobbie is a great leader and is fun to work with.

Chris Knight

Director of Marketing, Lightower

Daniel M Ewing executive coach client of Bobbie Goheen

A very effective Executive Coach who is a true joy to work with

Daniel M. Ewing

Change Agent

Gorbel, Inc.

Tony Harris president electronics & innovation

If you want a ‘yes man/woman’ to stroke your ego – go somewhere else.

Tony Harris

President at Electronics & Innovation

william jacques

I highly recommend Bobbie Goheen to any company looking for an executive coach or going through a significant transition.

William Jacques

Chief Financial Officer at Catalyst

Stacey Boyle executive coaching client Bobbie Goheen

“Bobbie fully understood the terrain I had to navigate.”

Stacey L.T. Boyle, Ph.D.

Chief People Planner @Smarter People Planning